Friday, March 2, 2012

Simple Cushion Protector Cover

When my grandkids made the transition from booster seats at the dining table to sitting in the chair itself, I found I was having to scrub off food reside.  I decided to make some quick protector covers using some towels that I was using for kitchen hand towels, and some elastic. I wanted covers I could easily remove and throw in the washing machine when they were dirty.  These did the trick!

First, I put the towel around the cusion so the ends of the towel were on the backside of the cushion.  I put the right side of the towel against the right side of the cushion.  I took the elastic and pinned it across the ends of the towel pulling it just a little to create some tension, cutting it at that point.

Then, using the sewing machine, I sewed each end of the elastic to the towel.

Turned the towel right side out and stretched it over the cushion!  All Done!!!....It created a great protector cover.  When I don't need the covers anymore, I can always take off the elastic and use the towels for other purposes.

Loved this quick project!  and hope you also enjoyed it.

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  1. this is lovely! And so handy with a lot of animals that refuse to lie on the floor.... Thanks for the idea, will get sewing :-).
    lots of love
    ps: congratulations on your award!

    1. Jutta, thanks for nice comment. I think your dogs are precious. Your blog was the first that came to mind to nominate for the Liebster, but I saw that you already had it which was no surprise. I love your daughter's blog.....


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