Sunday, March 25, 2012

Remade Pants and Train T Shirt

This coming Thursday we are going to visit our daughter's family in England...I have mentioned that sunnystitching is one of my two daughters.  I had made the Crochet Flower Hat and Butterfly Dress to take to granddaughter Evie so wanted to make an outfit for her little brother Canaan.

Some paint stained a pair of Jerry's pants so I made a pair of cargo pants from them for Canaan using Simplicity Pattern 3856 as shown below.

Then, purchased a $3 t-shirt from our local T Shirt Factory store, and on Saturday appliqued a train on it.  I was able to draw the train using a pictures the fabric shown below and  Jerry drew the smoke clouds for me.

This was my first time using felt for the applique and then embroidering to secure the applique instead of using satin stitch on sewing machine.   I used a really good how to applique on this tutorial. 

 It took me several hours to get the embroidery done!...but enjoyed doing it while catching up on a tv series Once Upon A Time.

Choo Choo...Here Comes the Train.....

Crocheted Pink Butterfly Dress

I started this dress about a year ago to use up the pinkish yarns leftover from other projects.  So...finished the dress except for sewing in the loose ends of yarn, attaching the straps, and embellishing.

This dress kept staring at me in the yarn basket by my couch every time I started and finished other projects!

The dress pattern is from Bernat and the butterfly pattern is from Simply Knitting Magazine June 2011 Issue.  I could only find the website for Simply Knitting Magazine but hopefully the June 2011 is still available if anyone wants the butterfly pattern.

So, got inspired to finally finish it, decided to add butterfly instead of the usual flower......It turned out so cute.  I will put it in the treasure basket of other items I have made for any "future" grandchildren or maybe even great grandchildren:-)

Love is like a butterfly:  It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.  ~Author Unknown

Peeking Pink Flower

I was watering the garden the other day and noticed this pretty pink flower peeking through the fence from the yard behind us.   I thought it was very lovely and wanted to share it.
 Simplicity can be the prettiest.......

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cute Shamrock Pin

Saw the tutorial for this cute pin on Adventures of a DIY Mom.  I got excited about making one for my grandkids, Corey and Henry but they didn't really need one.  So...made one for myself and so enjoyed wearing it on Friday 3/16 while out and about and on Saturday (3/17).

I know the holiday is over but just wanted to share!

Thanks, Rachel for such a great idea.

I love to handsew a craft....

Oh No!....Another Cell Phone Holder!!!

Well, about 6 months ago I qualified for an upgrade on our cell phone plan.  Jerry had gotten one prior and it was working good, so I chose the same one.  However, the screen on Jerry's had become really damaged from keeping it in his jean pocket.  Honestly, you can hardly see anything on his.

The only purse I carry is a jean purse made for me years ago by my daughter Jessica of Sunny Stitching.  So, not wanting the screen damaged and not wanting to have to buy a holder, I started thinking about what I had at home to use.

I was in physical therapy and one of the aides had given me two soda/beer can covers with the Chargers logo that he had gotten while attending a Chargers/Green Bay Packers game.  He liked Green Bay and I like the San Diego Chargers
Finally I had an idea to make what I needed without any pattern, etc......exciting for me!

 I took one of them, cut it to fit the cell phone leaving a 1//4" seam allowance, sewed the bottom and two sides, turned it right side out.....and it was done.  I thought about using the tab at the bottom of the original holder to velcro over the top to hold the phone in....but just like to grab the phone easily.  Thinking now, would probably do that also next time.
Didn't even plan the Chargers Logo showing......but like it.
Not beautiful, but since it is neoprene, the screen on my cell phone has stayed clear and the velcro that keeps the pocket closed it sticks to a little part of the holder and keeps it in place. 

Wow...a lot of talk over such an easy project.....I apologize for such wordiness.
But....Thanks for Listening.....

Towers of Oatmeal Cookies

So....last night Jerry went to see his Dad and Mom.  His Mom was not feeling well and was in the hospital so he went to help his Dad who recently turned 90 years old!!!

Of course, I put on a Netflix movie, got out the crochet hook and started crocheting an afghan that has been an "in process" project.  Can't wait to finish it and post it!....well....maybe I will post one unfinished photo of it here.....

I decided to get up off the couch, which is not my norm...(once I am down-I am down)...and make some cookies for Jerry to have when he came home.  Well, decided to use last of some gluten free flour and recipe on package.  First, had to find hand mixer and the mixing attachments.  Then started creaming the eggs, etc....feeling all happy. Put the wrong attachments in and they fell out into the creamy mix..a mess.  Found the correct attachments and continuesd.

Then no Vanilla Extract and though "oh well"  shouldn't make a huge difference in the taste....

Uh Oh...put in 1 1/2 cups flour instead of 3/4 cup....Oh Well...added the oats, etc.  Then thought I might as well just double the whole recipe but as I was stirring the oats, realize I forgot the baking soda!  So....I sprinkled it in:) and stirred like crazy. 

Started baking 12 on the cookie sheet and when removing them to cool, they started kind of falling apart....they were "very fragile" after I baked each round of them decided to stack them on top of each other thinking they would sort of hold each other up.   I am sure the towers will get shorter during the week but what an ordeal! 
Cookies Cookies and more Cookies

Definitely putting Vanilla Extract at top of shopping list for next batch!

Jerry's Garden

The blog is called Jerry and Kay since we do a lot together.  He is definitely the gardener and keeps our garden watered and fed.  He feeds the worms in the compost box each day.  This is just part of his life ....see our beautiful garden below.
Two Types of Kale, Lettuce and Swiss Chard Above
Our Long Producing Lemon Tree!

Left to Right: Cilantro, Grapefruit Tree, Cosmos Flowers

Left to Right: Worm Compost Box, Lettuce, Chard in background, Cosmos and Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flowers and Herb Garden..Tall Marjoram, Lower Oregano, Chives

We didn't plant as much for this winter but always look forward to our summer garden.  Soon, there will be zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, yellow squash, and more herbs.

We also plan on soon planting an Orange Tree in an area behind the Lemon and Grapefruit Tree....and maybe try a Kumquat Tree in a big pot!.   Kimquats are so delicious1

"I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden." ~Ruth Stout

Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Hat, Booties and Bunny

Jerry is an elementary school teacher.  At the end of his day he also homeschools students in their homes.  This year he is homeschooling a high school student through a program set up by his school district to help young women who become pregnant to graduate.  Her baby is due tomorrow so Jerry had asked me if I could make her a present.  I was delighted to do so!

So I found patterns in my pattern file and made the Baby Hat and Booties. It just seemed like part of the present was missing so I added a bunny.  I found the Baby Hat pattern years ago on Crochet Spot.  The pattern for the booties is from Bevs Country Cottage.  The Bunny pattern is from the Lion Brand Yarn Company site.

I am not a fast "doer" and the bunny took me all evening until 12:30pm.......but it was completely worth it.  Jerry thought they were all really nice.

The white piece on his body is supposed to represent a heart....
A nice project for a nice rainy weekend......yes....we finally got rain!

Definitely a blessing to give.....

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Waving Flag

Jerry and I purchased this flag at an art fair right after 9/11 in 2001.  It was made by a local artisan.  We just liked it.  It has been in the rock garden for 11 years and weathered wind,  rain, and sunshine... still standing.  One day recently I noticed the open spaces the stars and stripes make, and thought how pretty it is to see through them .  Jerry often builds a rock tower near it, just for fun.....but you could also see them as small memorials to remember our freedom.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our garden.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

 What a lovely surprise this morning.... I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award........

Thank you so much Jutta......she has an amazing blog Creative Chaos......and I am very honored.  Jutta has just posted a beautiful Spring Wreath.  She often creates from her natural surroundings with great creativity.

 So now I must answer the following 7 questions which will be a challenge for me. 

1. Who or what inspires you the most?
     I am most inspired to keep being creative by memories of my mother, aunt and neighborhood women.  They sewed, gardened, canned food, made cakes and pies from scratch, hung up the laundry on clotheslines...I often think of them as I sew, crochet, knit, garden.  I do make apple pies from scratch....

2. What is the best part of your day?
     I always enjoy the day the most after having breakfast, cleaned, put in laundry, exercised, and can start sewing or another creative project. 

3. What is your favorite childhood memory?
     We lived in a rural area and made weekly trips to the library where we would get lots of books to read.  I remember laying on the couch reading books and my mom would gently rub my kind of tickled and felt so comforting.

4. What is the best gift you have ever received?
     My wedding ring.

5. If you could have dinner with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
      Edith (Seville) Schaeffer ..She has lived such an interesting life with her husband Francis and wrote some wonderful books that really influenced my to make a home for others to feel welcome in.  She had a lot of wisdom and insight. 

6. What is something new that you have learned in the last month?
     Not necessarily new, but  I have been reminded by many situations to once again pursue to enjoy each day to its fullest.

7. What is something that you wish you could do one day but haven't tried yet?
     Make a lemon meringue pie from scratch....

Now, I would like to nominate the following blogs for this award:

*********So Thankful *********