Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Each Tuesday my 4 year old grandson Henry spends the day with me.  Last week he asked if I could get some oranges so we could make some orange juice.  So over the weekend I bought some oranges at a really good buy of 19 cents each.  I have a very old juicer that used to belong to my in-laws. 

Henry chose two oranges out of the fruit basket that is on the kitchen table and we washed the oranges off really clean and dried them.....then the fun could begin!

We then cut each orange in half...well, I did do the cutting.

Then we put a jar under the spout of the juicer and Henry put one of the orange halves on the spinner top and we turned it on.

It is so fun to see the juice start dripping and flowing into the glass jar.

To get the most juice, I put my hand under Henry's to get that last bit out of the orange halves.

Looks like we did a great job!....

And the juice was delicious.......Henry had a few sips and then wanted to save the rest for his dad! 
 Henry is a happy juicer!

It was a wonderful day!


  1. This looks so delicious! And Henry is so cute (or am i not allowed to say that anymore, not sure when boys start resenting being called cute...).
    Have a lovely day dear Kay :-)
    ps: and please send me that recipe against headaches!

  2. Jutta,
    Yes, you can still call Henry cute!...He doesn't mind a bit. If you were near I would bring you a glass of the juice!:):)
    I will look up the recipe and send to you today.
    Loving thoughts,

  3. Looks like fun. My Henry is 4 at the moment too (birthday soon). It's such a fun age.


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