Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wellie Socks for Canaan

After seeing the tutorial by Jessica from sunnystitching on making wellie socks, I decided to try it.  Well, Jessica is my daughter and she was coming for a quick visit last weekend.  I had already remade a pair of leggings for her daughter Evie and wanted to make something for Canaan also to send back to them with Jessica when she returned to England.

The wellie socks turned out great and the tutorial was so easy to follow.  I used some leftover charcoal gray fleece from the vests I made for Canaan and Henry for Christmas.   I would highly recommend it if you live in a cold area that would require the wellie socks.

Wellie Socks laying flat...Front and Back views.

Standing View....

Just wanted to share and wish everyone a wonderful week!

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