Sunday, March 4, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Jessica, or some of you know her as sunnystitching is one of my two daughters.  I started a blog at her encouragement and have really enjoyed it.  She honored me by nominating me for the Liebster Award!  Wow......I felt like a really special mom and blogger!  So I have gladly accepted the award and thank her for the nomination and place a copy of the award below and also in my sidebar.

 Jessica shared that (through Google Translator ) Liebster means "favorite" and is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.  Jessica's nomination for my blog was a great compliment!

Next, to fulfill my acceptance, I must nominate five other blogs that I enjoy.

While browsing some blogs, I noticed a very cute owl case and a skirt/shirt dress on this wonderful blog by Justine.  She has some really creative projects that are inspiring.

I became acquainted with  this blog from becoming involved in the photo project on loveallblogs.  Rollercoaster-Mum is so thoughtful, making comments on the photos.  I enjoy seeing her photos each week such as The Dripping Boiler photo.

I came across this cute cute blog by Amy while browsing one day.  Her blog comes across with such happiness!  She likes to sew and it was a joy to see the really cute baby dresses she had made. 

The other name of this blog is The Life of a Cheap cute it that. It is a new blog that I found  and one of her projects I thought was reallly creative was the Dollar Hat Refashion tutorial and was inspired by her other ideas.

Christie who started this blog shares some really wonderful creations also.  First, I noticed a Knot Tie Bag and then enjoyed looking at more of her projects.

I am amazed by how creative so many people are......I am more or less a re-creator who loves trying out ideas so I thank everyone for being so creative but even more for sharing your talents.  


  1. Hi Kay, thank you so much for nominating Joyfoolery for this award, I am very honoured!
    Have a lovely week!
    Cheers, Christie

  2. Thanks so much Kay! What a way to make my day so much better! I'm glad that you enjoy my blog and that you find it inspiring :) I'm truly honored by your nomination. I will get around to posting about it hopefully in the next week or so! Thanks again!

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me and apologies for not visiting you back for a while - I have been so busy! Trying to make up for it today. I have been nominated once before but it was quite a while ago so I can probably do it again! It may be a few days before I get round to doing it though as I've been tagged in some giant memes in the last week - a birthday one - which I've done and another one all about 11 questions - may tag you back on this one - beware!!


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