Thursday, September 27, 2012

Household Hint

I think this is my first post regarding a household hint.  It is really a simple idea I had some time ago.  I use Oxi Clean Versatile Stain Remover for soaking clothes with stains, and also add it to loads of clothes in the washer.  I did not like having to find the spoon that is included in the plastic container.  So, one day I decided to simply tear back a small portion of the paper top and started just sprinkling it into the washer.  I found that such an easier way to use this great cleaner.

I know this is crazy simple idea, but I did feel creative when thinking of it!

 Unopened container of Oxi Clean.
 The paper top slightly torn back to create the opening to pour from.
After I use the amount I need, I just fold the torn edge back over the container and put the lid back on.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fish Pocket Cargo Pants

It's time to send the September package to our grandchildren Evie and Canaan who live in England with their dad and mom (who happens to be Jessica of Sunnystitching ).  I made a pillowcase for Evie that I mentioned in my most recent here to see it; it turned out really pretty.

Of course, I also wanted to make something for Canaan and decided to make another pair of cargo pants using the same pattern from the Remade Pants and Train TShirt previously posted.

I had some leftover lightweight cotton denim fabric that I had previously purchased from JoAnn's Fabrics. However, I wanted to use a colorful print for the pockets this time and went to JoAnn's with a friend Liz.  She suggested the cute fish fabric that I used....she is really good at choosing fabrics.

The pattern is Simplicity 3856, a very versatile pattern. Canaan wears the size 3.
The cargo pants are so easy to make!

A close up of the cute and happy fish fabric used for the pocket. the seams in the middle of the pocket are for the tuck

This is the "side" view of one of the legs where the pocket is sewed.

The finished Fish Pocket Cargo Pants!

Canaan, Papa wants to take you fishing when you come in December.
Maybe you can wear your "Fish Pocket Cargo Pants"
We love you, Nanny and Papa

Pink Pillowcase

Last year Jessica (SunnyStitching) and I made a quilt for Evangelyn's new bed.  We used pieces of fabric from clothes we had sewed for her and also some clothes that were her favorites.  The quilt was so beautiful and cheerful when finished.  Click here to see Jessica's post about will love her fabulous blog.  I have included a picture of it below.

Several months later I used the left over scraps to make a fun "Pig Pillow" for her bed, and also made a "Pig Pillow" for her brother Canaan using scrap fabric from clothes we had made for him.  Evie still did not have a cute pillowcase so I then decided to make her one and used still remaining fabric from the pig. Here is a picture of the pigs showing the patchwork.

I found a great pattern online.  From the pattern choices for the pillowcase, i chose the basic pattern.  Then I purchased some soft cotton fabric, pink with white polka dots at JoAnn's Fabric store for the body of the pillowcase,  and started cutting and sewing.  I used the patchwork fabric leftover from the pig for the band of the pillowcase. So, the pillowcase will be shipped this week, along with the cargo pants I made for Canaan.   I think Evie will really love it.

To our precious Evie......sleep tight. 
Love, Nanny and Papa

Flaming Marshmellow - Photo of the Week

Jerry and I made smores with Henry and Corey on our barbeque grill the night of the Final Volleyball Game of the 2012 Olympics.  I took this by accident....a great accident!!!..

"The Flaming Marshmellow"

Horse Nightshirt for Corey

Wow, this is my first post in several months.  Sure hope I can remember how to do this!!!!

My granddaughter Corey is 10 years old and this summer she was blessed to have attended a horse camp at the Palomar Christian Center.  She loves horses and had such a great week there.  I had hoped to finish the nightshirt before she went to the camp but just ran out of time. 

I used McCalls Pattern M4963 and purchased the soft cotton fabric at our local JoAnn's Fabric store.  I have used this pattern for several years to make various nightshirts ad love it.  It is so easy to follow.

Pictures are below.
 I chose to make her the size Girls 10-12

 The nightshirt fit Corey perfect! ... and looks so so great on her!

A big thank you to anyone viewing this post.....there is definitely a season for everything.
Summer is over and sewing is back!!!!