Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Towers of Oatmeal Cookies

So....last night Jerry went to see his Dad and Mom.  His Mom was not feeling well and was in the hospital so he went to help his Dad who recently turned 90 years old!!!

Of course, I put on a Netflix movie, got out the crochet hook and started crocheting an afghan that has been an "in process" project.  Can't wait to finish it and post it!....well....maybe I will post one unfinished photo of it here.....

I decided to get up off the couch, which is not my norm...(once I am down-I am down)...and make some cookies for Jerry to have when he came home.  Well, decided to use last of some gluten free flour and recipe on package.  First, had to find hand mixer and the mixing attachments.  Then started creaming the eggs, etc....feeling all happy. Put the wrong attachments in and they fell out into the creamy mix..a mess.  Found the correct attachments and continuesd.

Then no Vanilla Extract and though "oh well"  shouldn't make a huge difference in the taste....

Uh Oh...put in 1 1/2 cups flour instead of 3/4 cup....Oh Well...added the oats, etc.  Then thought I might as well just double the whole recipe but as I was stirring the oats, realize I forgot the baking soda!  So....I sprinkled it in:) and stirred like crazy. 

Started baking 12 on the cookie sheet and when removing them to cool, they started kind of falling apart....they were "very fragile" after I baked each round of them decided to stack them on top of each other thinking they would sort of hold each other up.   I am sure the towers will get shorter during the week but what an ordeal! 
Cookies Cookies and more Cookies

Definitely putting Vanilla Extract at top of shopping list for next batch!

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  1. Hopefully they tasted good :)...I would never even attempt to make cookies w/o vanilla. I might have to make some cookies and mail them home soon.


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