Friday, March 9, 2012

Where I Sew!

The other day I was getting ready to cut out some fabric and sew.  I cut out fabric in the dining room where there is a sliding door that lets the sun in.  It is so warm to stand there and feel the sunshine through the glass door....I love it.  So I looked around and wanted to take pictures of my work areas to share with you all.  As you can tell, the dining table is used more for cutting fabric than "dining".
The Beautiful Sunshine

 I keep my sewing machines out all the time.  I have a Bernina 1010 that is over 25 years old and a Juki Serger that is probably at least 20 years old.  Also on the sewing table is another Bernina 1000 that belongs to my daughter Jessica of Sunnystitching.  She left her machine here when she moved abroad so I use it frequently to keep it running good.  It is a messy area and I used to feel like I had to keep it all tidy but not anymore.  I love looking at the chaos represented!
Sewing Machines and Serger

I am so thankful to have been raised with a mom and neighborhood full of women who sewed, cooked, crocheted, gardened and made ceramics!  Sewing does keep me moving foward......

Joy to everyone!

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