Monday, June 25, 2012

Featured on Threading My Way

What a delight for the Knights in Shining Armor pretend dress up outfits I made for each of my grandsons to be featured on Threading My Way.

Pam, thank you so much.  Threading My Way is such a great linky party.  Pam chooses weekly categories so if you ever need ideas, it is easy to find them on her site.

 Henry in his Shining Armor!
Sir Canaan in his Shining Armor leading the way to the castle!

Thank you again Pam for this honor.

Easy Garden Containers

Jerry has been really working hard in our garden.  He started a lot of the vegetables as seeds.  We purchased some of the seeds last year and we bought a few more this year. I didn't take pictures of the seed pots, but they are the six pack containers that plant stores sell plants in.  Our local nursery Shore Gardens will give them away if they have empty ones.

Then he transplanted them as they grew in some pots that were a little larger.  As they grew even larger and needed to be transplanted in the actual garden, we did not have enough space.  Below is a picture of some of these containers with the transplants in them.
So, we considered him building planters with wood our neighbor was going to throw away, but it was the end of the school year of teaching for Jerry and he had a lot of paper work to do.  So.....we got the two empty plastic storage containers from the garage.  Jerry drilled holes in the bottom of the containers, filled them with organice potting soil and planted the starter plants.  He added the wood under the containers for drainage.  So far they seem to be working really well!!!! and the plants seem happy.
Jerry uses the following vegetable food that we purchase at Shore Gardens.  Our garden has grown very well using this food.
Of course, our two trustworthy helpers, our grandsons Henry and Canaan were so happy to help their Papa Jerry with the transplanting, feeding and watering. 
We love them both being together this summer. 
Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feature, Favorite and Most Viewed-Cinderella Dress

Well, I didn't expect so many nice comments on the Cinderella Dress post.  I sincerely want to thank everyone who viewed it.

The linky party hosted by Rachel called Terrific Tuesdays is one of the first linky parties I particpated in.  I want to thank Rachel for hosting it.  The Cinderella Dress was the most viewed on her party....Thanks again everyone!
Next,  as I was catching up on reading emails, I received a nice comment on the Cinderella Dress from Alexis who is the host of another very nice linky party We Like to Learn As We Go.  She featured the dress on her party and I was so thrilled.....thank you so much Alexis.

Then I was linking to the current week Anything Goes link party, and there was the Cinderella Dress featured as one of the favorites of the hostess.  Thank you so much.....All this was very unexpected.
As a sidenote,  I made this dress for my granddaughter Evie who lives in England.  Her mom is my daughter Jessica who has the most creative and beautiful Sunny Stitching blog.  Their family arrived this past Thursday and Evie has worn it every day much to my delight!  

Thank you....Thank you.....Thank everyone

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Make Worm Compost Bin

About 3 years ago, Jerry and I decided we wanted to compost the vegetables, fruits, etc., rather than throw them in the garbage.  We did some research on the internet and it was quite confusing.  Then as we were shopping at our local Farmer's Market that is in our town on Sundays, we noticed a little table with a "worm" sign.  The worm lady, Ruth sold us a bin with dirt and worms in it and told us what to do.  She made it so simple.

At one time we had three of them but have gone back down to two.  It is easy to make one and I hope we show it to be easy in the steps below.
Supplies above:  Plastic bin (these can be purchased at stores like Target, etc for about $4.00).
                           Shredded Newspaper or Newspaper torn into 1 inch strips (Black and White Print is better than Color Print Paper)
                            Dirt with worms in it (plastic bag)

Drill holes in the bottom, on the sides (about one inch down from the top edge), and also around the plastic top that closes the bin.  The holes let air in and keep it from being smelly.
I am holding some of the worms for you to see. We think they are called Ruby Red Worms but a local plant nursery would know which ones work in compost.  I grew up fishing using worms as bait so holding them doesn't bother me:):)
 Next, put some shredded or torn newspaper on the bottom (just make sure holes were drilled in the bottom of the bin first) and wet it down.
Now you can put in the dirt that the worms came in.  If you bought just worms add loose dirt from your garden.
The fun is just starting!   Now, take your compost and put it on top of the dirt/worms. This is our fabulous compost bucket that we keep in the kitchen......I got it for free!!!!! from our neighbor as it was missing a screw.  I was so excited.  However, before we got this one, we used a plastic coffee container. For a dedicated worm bin, please do not add meat, dairy, fish, citrus, nuts/nutbutter or grains as compost.  Eggshells, coffee and used tea bags (as long as no lemon in the tea) are also great to add along with the vegetables and fruit. I am not sure about onions....I do not use them but there is probably info online about adding them.
This picture above shows Jerry pouring the compost on top of the dirt/worms.
Above is view of a layer of the compost on top of the dirt and worms.  You can see the holes that were drilled in the sides and along the top edge.

Jerry is shoveling dirt above from our little garden area to put on top of the shown below. 
 He is using his hand to take it off the shovel and spread it around.
Next is the layer of newspaper.  Either shredded or torn into strips is ok to use.  Just need to cover completely.
You can basically put the worm bin on top of a table or in a dirt area.  It is best if it is elevated so the liquid (sometimes called the worm tea) can be collected in a container; or on top of a dirt area and the tea will nourish that area it sits above.  Jerry elevated ours on top of the stone and the wood under our lemon tree.

 Now it is time to sprinkle water on the newspaper to dampen it.  It is importan to keep the layers moist as the worms could die if it is too dry.  Now put the top on the bin making sure holes were drilled in the top.
Worm Bin Finished and placed under the Lemon Tree by my great gardener!!!!!!
Continue adding your compost/dirt/newspaper/dampen with water  and soon the bin will be full of rich soil.
**It is important to not make the layers too thick.  If you have a lot of compost, just make more bins.    **This allows the worms to have time to eat the layers steadily.
**The Worm Bin should be in a shaded/sun area.  It needs to stay moist.

Composting, along with recycling paper, glass, metal has really reduced the garbage for our household

Feed the worms and they will return to you  dark beautiful soil for your garden.

A New Hippopotamus

Lourdes who appeared in a previous post with finally has a buddy... I am hoping the grandchildren will name him.  He is quite debonaire in his yellow bow tie:).
 The next picture shows a close up of the tie...... (click here for the bow tie pattern)
You can see how excited Lourdes, the purple hippo is in the photo of the two of them together below.
Bowtie is a little smaller than Lourdes, but Lourdes thinks he is a fine friend.
 He's a cute little hippo!

We all need a friend or buddy........

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Thank You

I noticed last week that the Train Puzzle was one of the most viewed on the Anything Goes Link Party.  I just want to thank all who viewed and especially the hostess of this very nice linky party.

My Knights in Shining Armor

One day my daughter Jessica (otherwise known as SunnyStitching) and I were talking about boys clothes versus girls clothes and decided to make some colorful clothes for her son Canaan.  Canaan really likes some of his sister Evie's clothes that are fun and colorful.

Canaan and Evie love so much to pretend play.  Of course, Evie is usually a princess or fairy or Cinderella so Canaan is a prince, play along.  They are so cute and Jessica joins in which is delightful.

Their family comes to visit each summer so these last few weeks I made a Cinderella Dress  for Evie to wear to pretend play.  Even though Cinderella had a Prince Charming, I decided to make a Knight in Shining Armor outfit for not only Canaan but also for Henry, their cousin who lives only 5 minutes away.  Jerry actually chose the fabric when we were shopping at JoAnn's Fabrics for Cinderella dress fabric.  He chose such cool fabrics.

I used Simplicity Pattern 5520 which was on sale for $1.00!!!!!!  Jerry can use his military discount there which is either 15% or 20% off regular and sale prices.  As you can see the other outfits hold much promise to be made also:):):)...well not this week but maybe for Christmas?
 And Now....I know you have all been waiting to see at least one of my Knights in Shining Armor...
Sir Henry
Jerry who is always so encouraging and supportive of my projects made two really cool shields and swords.  He used two pieces of cardboard for each sword and wrapped them in two different colors of duck tape.  He cut the shields also out of cardboard and used aluminum foil and ducktape to cover them. He put a handle on the backside of the shield.

Here is a close up of the Lion the is the applique on the tunic.  I used black felt and Wonder Under and the felt actually adhere very securely to the shiny fabric.  I used a medium zig zag to sew around it.
One Last Picture of Sir Henry!

We are so excited for Sir Canaan to arrive....Cinderella Evie will feel very protected by these caring Knights in Shining Armor.

PS...When Henry saw the fabric and pattern and Evie's dress....He said, "Me and Canaan are going to look so cool and Evie...well she will look beautiful"..

Thank you for listening to My Knights In Shining Armor saga.

Cinderella Dress

A few weeks ago I was skyping with my daughter Jessica (SunnyStitching) and her children Evie and Canaan.  We were talking about when they come to stay with us in June for a month.  Evie "loves" to play dress up, and loves dressing up in her princess gowns.  During the conversation she said that she would need to bring her princess dresses to California.  Knowing there would be limited room in the luggage, Jessica told her not to worry because Nanny (me) loves to make dresses!.....

So began the Cinderella Dress.  It was such great timing as Simplicity patterns were $1.00 each at JoAnn's the week Jerry and I went to get the fabric.  I had not been to JoAnn's for many months as I have been recycling fabric, clothes, etc., for sewing clothes, etc.  We had such fun ...found just the right fabric and pattern.  I used Simplicity Pattern 2563.

I was a little nervous using the fancy fabric, but the pattern was very easy to follow and the fabric was not so hard as I thought to sew.  I decided to add the bows.  I may have to adjust the hem when Evie arrives and wears least I hope she will play in it.....but that will be easy.  I am so excited to see her in it!!!!! 
I included the headband in the photo below.
 Closeup of the sleeve below.  I love the sheer fabric.
 The ruffled flouce in the sheer sparkly fabric.
A lovely Cinderella dress for a lovely Evie..

Surprise Flower - Photo of the Week

This beautiful flower was growing in the corner of a beautiful Jasmine bush.  I have no idea what it is but it looks tropical.  So glad I had the camera in my purse!!!!

A few more photos below:

 A beautiful surprise

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reflective Light - Photo of the Week

I was in the backyard taking some photos for the Photo A Week project.  This photo was an accident...I pushed the button accidently but when I saw it I loved it.  It is a reflection of the sun on the concrete in the back of our house.  We do not have grass....just concrete.  To the left is part of my hair:):)

Anyway, just really liked it.......It even looks like you can see clouds in the concrete also.

This was a wonderful accident......

BodyBoard Bag

About a month ago, Jerry asked me to make a bag for his new bodyboard.  The bag basically keeps the sun off and also is protective to keep the board from being scratched when in the garage.

I had a couple flannel sheets that I had sewed to be a comforter cover so I took them apart.  The process was pretty simple. 

I basically laid the bodyboard on the sheet and put pins around it  to mark where to cut it.  Then I sewed it on the sewing machine around 3 sides.  It was too large so I sewed it in more and cut off the extra fabric.  Then I turned down the top one time and sewed it to be a casing.  Jerry had a shoestring that he wasn't using so we pulled it through the casing and the bodyboard bag was finished!

A few pictures are below:
Folded sheet in half
Here is the bodyboard on the sheet and I pinned around it to make the seam line.
Sewed around the 3 sides.  Picture shows me sewing seam along the folded side.  I cut it open after sewing the seam.
Tried to show the green shoestring that we pullled through the casing.
Jerry and the new Bodyboard Bag

Flower Birthday Card

A few weeks ago, I realized I had not purchased a birthday card for my daughter Jessica (Sunnystitching) who lives in England.

I put all plans aside and decided to make her a card and mail it that same day.  I wanted it to be special, especially because it would arrive to her after her birthday.

I had some crocheted flowers on hand, some beads, felt and blank goes

First I chose which flower and cut the felt to be the stem and leaves. Got out the white glue and a great adhesive roller (only 99 cents at our local 99 Cent Store).
Second, positioned the stem, leaves and flower on the card, and glued them using the adhesive roller and a little of the white glue.

After glueing the flower, I chose some beads to glue in the center of the flower for a little added dimension.

Now it was time to add "Happy Birthday" on the front of the card.  I printed the words in green on a yellow piece of paper and glued it on front of card with the adhesive roller.

Now I made the gift certificate to put inside the birthday card, printing the gift certificate on paper, added a colorful border to it and glued it on a piece of the yellow paper.
Last, I wrote a poem and printed it on paper same as above and glued it on yellow paper and then glued that on the inside of the card. 

I was so excited to send it to Jessica.  I felt it expressed just how much Jerry and I love her.
Sending words of love can make a heart glad.