Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful Trees

Yea!  School's out for Thanksgiving Week!..So me, Henry and Corey made Thankful Trees.  I was inspired by the one my daughter Jessica (aka SunnyStitching) made with her children.  She has directions on her blogpage.  Very simple and the most fun part was painting the containers!!!!

This is the one we made for Henry and Corey to take home.  Their dad Joel (my son) came early to pick them up so he got to help cut out the leave, put the yarn through them and then they each added the first leaves of thanks to the tree.
Corey painted this side of the can with beautiful cheerful trees and a turkey!

 Henry painted this side of the can...a modern art scene!

 Here is Dad Joel helping!

 Joel and Henry
Joel and Corey
 Of course Dad Joel was thankful for Corey and Henry:)

Joel suggested we make another one for Thanksgiving Day to use at our house.  So, another day when Henry and Corey were here, as well as Papa Jerry, we made another one!

 Corey painted this side with a pumpkin and turkey theme!  I love her turkey!
Henry painted this beautiful pumpkin on his side of the container!!! Fantastic!

Above are two views of the finished Thankful Tree.
(not pictured is Papa who cut the branches for the trees with the help of Henry)

I must say that some of my friends who saw them were so inspired to make one to use at their Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Thank you Jessica for making your Thankful Tree!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spider! - Photo of the Week

One day we were getting into the car and noticed this fantastic spider web on the rosemary plants that grow on our front slope.  I  tried to get a better photo, but hope you get the idea....a big spider in a large spider web.

Beautiful Driveway - Photo of the Week

This is a lovely view leading to a house on our street.  As I walk up the hill, this is just one beautiful  view I get to enjoy!

Another Beautiful Plant - Photo of the Week

I love surprises that grow in potted plants and these flowers were unexpected.  I am not even sure what they are.  They could be beautiful weeds.  I really enjoyed seeing them as I would walk into the house.

A big thank you to nature's unexpected.