Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Night at the Golden Globe Awards

I love to watch the Golden Globe and the Academy Awards shows. While growing up, my mom, my brother Carl and I always watched the Academy Awards.  I really can't remember missing very many of them, except for several years when Jerry and I did not have a television.  So, this year I suggested that Jerry and I dress in formal attire to watch the show.
To get ready for the awards show, on Saturday, I gave myself a facial with products from the company Origins that I have used for years.  I planned our dinner and made sure we had some wine for the evening.
We started with a simple lettuce and tomato salad.  For entrees Jerry had mahi mahi baked in a pineapple marinade.  I had trout filled with crab.  The side dishes were white beans and broccoli.  We selected Cabernet Sauvignon wine.
I wore a gown that I made years ago to wear to a masquerade ball.  The dress was from a Simplicity 0673 pattern as a replica of a dress worn in the movie The Titanic.  It was so fun to see the sequins on it sparkle while we had dinner.  Jerry wore a tuxedo jacket and black jeans.  I have included a few pictures below.
1st Toast for the evening
The entrance

Of course, my favorite fashion critic, Mary Robertson, stayed in touch with us during the show.  She favored Claire Danes' gown.  I also really liked the gown that Angelina Jolie wore.  Mary gave me permission to include her picture as the featured guest for this posting.  

Jerry and I had a lovely dinner but I must say it felt great after dinner to put on our normal clothes to finish watching the Golden Globe Awards show.  We enjoyed it all!
It was fun to dress up for the evening.............I do love costumes!........and am looking forward to the Academy Awards in February!

We have a great week ahead!
Many blessings to all of you,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Mom's Beautiful Christmas Ceramic Dishes

When I grew up in Texas, out in the country, my mom loved being a mom and housewife, and also sewing, canning, cooking and making ceramics.  She belonged to a garden club, ceramics club, and a sewing/crafts club...of course, it was a small rural area and the same ladies all belonged to these same clubs.  I grew up watching my mom Martha, her sister Evelyn (known as Auntie to me), Mrs. Parrot, Mrs. Edworthy, Mrs. Moore, and a few more whose names slip my mind enjoy these activities.  I am so thankful for them.  I wanted to share a picture I took this year of some of the Christmas ceramic dishes that I brought back from Texas when my parents passed away back in the 80's.  I get so excited each year when I put them on the table at our annual Ornament Party.  Of course, they are filled with delicious cookies, appetizers, etc.  I also have some other dishes but had already put them back in storage before I took this picture....I hope you enjoy seeing them....and I hope in some small way my blog will encourage whoever is reading it to find a creative outlet that you enjoy and that can also bless others.

May you touch someone's life this week!

A Few New Creations!....and a featured guest!

My friend Liz and I decided to use some leftover fleece to make a few toddler hats using Simplicity 5317 pattern.  We made the large size (21")....and they came out so cute.  I did piece together the lower bands but it doesn't distract from how cute they are!....They are so easy and not lined.  I haven't decided how to decorate mine yet, but Liz sewed a shiny yellow round button on top of a flat pink button on the one she made.....see was so fun having a friend to sew with!...Thanks Liz.  
Liz points to where she is going to sew on the buttons
There are the cute pink and yellow buttons!

The next pictures are of two t-shirts I embellished for E and C who live abroad.  I am excited to send them.  For once I thought up the applique design.  I usually have to look at a design and try to copy it so this was exciting.  My husband, Jerry helped me with the placement of the 3 hearts the turtle is holding.  The picture doesn't show the hearts very well but I think you can see the ribbon bow on the one with the purple zebra hearts.  E and C love balloons so the hearts represent balloons on these t-shirts.   
The purple sleeves were saved from one of my t-shirts that I previously remade into a tshirt for E but I liked the buttons and saved the sleeves.  Yea....could make the t-shirt long sleeve.  Went to a local thrift store and found a small t-shirt for 50 cents ...purchased it and used the blue sleeves to also make C's t-shirt have long sleeves.

The happy turtle t-shirt for C
The happy purple heart balloons t-shirt for E

Wishing everyone a most lovely week.  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just a few words

Today I was thinking about a friend of my daughter's who is on Etsy, has a website, and also sells her items at a local farmers market in La Jolla, California.  She is an inspiration to me....her creations are sooo cute and pretty.  I just added her site to this blog and encourage anyone looking for nice gifts for children to take a peek!  Her site has a wonderful name My Lovely Little Things.

That's all.
What a wonderful week this has been!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nice Picture of Some "Old" Potholders

A friend sent this picture today of some potholders that I made for her 32  years ago.  I hope she knows how much it means that she still has them and uses them.  This is so encouraging ....Thanks so much Melanie!  Sometimes I wonder why I sew, etc., and this is so encouraging to me.

That's all!

Sharing Some Old and New Projects

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.  I was excited to finish an Owl Mobile and a soft blue fleece blanket for a friend of mine who is having her first baby ...a boy.  I got the idea for the Owl Mobile from a mobile shared by who also shared template for the tree, and from a cute owl template on another site juicy bits.  Jerry created a really great dowel hanger for it.   It was the first project I have handsewed from felt and it was relaxing to make it while watching tv in the evenings.
As part of the gift, I made a fleece blanket...with fleece purchased at Joann Fabrics JoAnns Fabrics.  I get a little more than a 45" length of the fleece.  Then cut it to be 45" square and sew blanket binding onto the edges.
I am excited to send this gift and thank the ladies who shared the idea for the mobile and were so generous to share their templates.

Also wanted to share the flannel fabric above used for the nightshirts for my granddaughter and nieces. Not sure when I will have a picture of the finished nightshirt. The pattern is McCalls M4963. They turned out really cute and I think the girls liked them. This fabric was also purchased at Joann Fabrics.

As I was looking at pictures of some of the stuff I have made this year, found one of three wreathes I made for Christmas.  Saw idea on internet to use 3 wire coathangers, make them into circles keeping the hook on the top. Wrap floral tape (I like the real stretchy tape) around them and then wrap the garland, fresh pine, etc on top and attach with wire or floral tape.  I used 3 berry garlands that a friend gave me last year to make three of them and purchased ribbon at the 99Cent Store to make bows.  They were so easy and came out really nice.

I am now going to start makin 2 Valentine t shirts for my grandchildren who live abroad.  I purchased red tshirts and am going to applique pictures on them.  Excited to get started.  So many projects already in my "head" for the new year!!.....Hope to inspire some of you as I have been inspired by so many creative people who share their ideas!!!!

With thankfulness,