Monday, May 26, 2014

Strawberry Shortcake

It was Sunday, May 25th and we had bought some delicious strawberries at the store.

I decided to surprise Jerry and make some strawberry shortcake for dessert after dinner.

I had a little bit of Trader Joe's Buttermilk Baking Mix to use.  Found an easy recipe for the Shortcake
and substituted almond milk for the whole milk. 

 Decided to used cutter in shape of flour to cut the cakes after they were rolled.

 Fresh out of the oven.....toasty brown!!!!

They were so delicious that night after dinner with the fresh strawberries in them,

and the next night also:):)

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Our wonderful neighbor Richard let me and Jerry use his van to go get a piece of plywood at Lowe's that I wanted to use for a small quilting table. 

Of course, I wanted to thank him and knowing he likes cookies......a great excuse to bake some chocolate chip cookies.

I recently purchased an official dough scooper and it was my second time to use it.  The cookies are so easy to put on the baking sheet using it!  Just scoop the dough and press on the back of the scooper and the dough comes out really even and rounded.

 The New Dough Scooper

 Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie

I was also going to visit a friend and her young children the next day, so made enough cookies for them also.  They always ask when I come over, "Did you bring cookies?":)

 Of course, other neighbors got deliveries also.

The kitchen smelled so good this day of giving.......

Friday, May 23, 2014

Jerry's New Hat

As I started to use up yarn, I was excited to try out a pattern created by my daughter Jessica who has the Crochet Nature Blog and Etsy Store. Jessica now only uses eco friendly yarn.  She sells her patterns using these wonderful yarns, and also shares other eco friendly ideas on Crochet Nature.  She also has Crochet Nature Facebook Page .

Objectively, I love her patterns....they are well thought out, easy to follow with beautiful results. Jessica introduced herself and her talents with her blog Sunny Stitching. 

Just found out this pattern is also available for sale on Jessica through Ravelry

There was some Simply Soft Caron yarn in the stash that I used to crochet Jerry a new hat using Jessica's Slouch Hat Pattern.

He was delighted!!!!!

 Side View
 Top View

I know you will like the Crochet Nature Patterns

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Stars War Pillowcase for Canaan

During April, Jerry and I went to England to visit our daughter Jessica, her husband Chris, and their two precious children (aka our precious grandchildren).

Jessica has a wonderful blog Crochet Nature, dedicated to using eco friendly products for crocheting and other crafting.  She had made a wonderful quilt for Canaan from Star Wars fabric but guess what!!!!.....He wanted a Star Wars pillowcase.

When I got home, I went to our local Joann's and found some really wonderful Star Wars fabric for the pillowcase.  In fact, it was the last bit on the bolt!

I used a pattern from all people quilt.  I looked at several patterns but this was so easy to understand.
 Close Up of Fabric

Finished Pillowcase

It was fun! fun! making it and sending it off to England!

 Canaan loves it!

And I love Canaan!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hats and Scarves for Pine RIdge

In March I started on a long standing goal to use up existing fabric, fabric scraps and yarn.

A bit of fleece was leftover from clothes I had made Canaan and Evie, my grandchildren in England.  So I started using it to make  hats and scarves to donate to a organization that ministers to childre.

Sew for Kids is the blog I found that organizes the needs for the Lakota children on the reservation.

It was a wonderful pleasure piecing together the hats and scarves.....I will continue to sew for this organization.  They are greatly supported by groups and accept sewn items, yarn items, etc.  There is a monthly project tab on their blog.

I used a great pattern for most of the hats (Simplicity 5317),  and another pattern (McCall's pattern M5772  for the Chili Pepper Hat, and the scarves.  I did double up the fleece for the hats as it is extremely cold on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  I also lined the pink scarf with a piece of flannel leftover from a nightgown for Evie.

 Pink Fleece Hat with Fleece Flower on hat is made from fleece leftover from hat and scarf I had sewed for Evie.  Pink Fleece Scarf is lined with flannel from a nightgown I sewed for Evie.

Brown Hats are, of course for the boys.  The blue one is for a girl...color or it is really a periwinkle blue so embroidered flower on it.  The brown fleece is leftover from a hat and scarf for Canaan.
Fleece Chili Pepper hat for older child.  The Chili Pepper fleece is leftover from a baby blanket made for my friend Liz to give to her granddaughter.  Liz picks out great fabric!  Fleece scarf is lined with leftover red flannel (see below)

 I completely forgot I made this darling jacket out of leftover fleece from a really cute jacket I made for Evie.  This jacket is really pieces together, but came out so cute and cheerful.

It has been lovely sharing these fleece items with you.....

Using up fabric is actually very creative,  relaxing and rewarding....