Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cute Shamrock Pin

Saw the tutorial for this cute pin on Adventures of a DIY Mom.  I got excited about making one for my grandkids, Corey and Henry but they didn't really need one.  So...made one for myself and so enjoyed wearing it on Friday 3/16 while out and about and on Saturday (3/17).

I know the holiday is over but just wanted to share!

Thanks, Rachel for such a great idea.

I love to handsew a craft....


  1. This turned out really cute! I love the two greens together.

  2. Wow, how could I have missed so many posts from you! But it is very nice to have so much to read :-). Love your crochet projects, and the beautiful garden pics, and the oatmeal post :-). Will do some baking now to, it is overcast again which always motivates me to produce comfort food...
    have a beautiful day
    lots of love

  3. Love the pin! It's so cute! I'm at Kay's home right now and she has so many things that she needs to add to this blog! What a creative person she is.

    Rose Lenger


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