Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's French Bread

As mentioned in previous post Valentine's Cupcakes, Jerry and I were spending Friday, February 13, 2015 together baking Valentines gifts for our neighbors.

The Cupcakes were just one part of our gift.  The next part was Homemade French Bread.

We started with French Bread since it would need time to rise and we needed to make 2 loaves.  Jerry made one loaf and I made one.

We used a recipe from a friend and of course, the Kitchen Aid Artisan do the mixing and kneading.
If you cannot read the recipe above, and would like a copy, please email me and I weill send it to you.

I am warming up the Kitchen Aid Mixer Bowl before adding the warm water, yeast, etc.

Using a Candy Thermometer to test the warmth of the water the yeast will go in.
Jerry is getting ready to mix and knead the dough!
 (with the help of the Artisan Kitchen Aid)
 My dough being punched down and then I covered it with towel for 2nd rising.
 Jerry's dough before being punched down.
Jerry punching down that beautiful dough
 After the second rising, we each rolled out the dough to be about 15" x 4" and then rolled it up to be the loaf.
 Rolled up loaf. ...before being put back on cookie sheet for final rising.
Final rising
Picture of one of the loaves right before being put in oven to bake.
Beautiful Homemade French Bread!

See next post about the Valentine's Pasta


  1. Oh...this looks awesome...that's one thing I have never made before. Pinning this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think I'll need to get a candy thermometer for the water. That's such a great idea. Your bread looks lovely. Thanks for sharing it at the party @DearCreatives hope to see you again this week. Shared, tweeted....

  3. oh what a great idea a treat for sure
    come see us at


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