Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Cupcakes

Today is Friday, February 13, 2015. .... One day before Valentine's Day.

Jerry had a holiday from school so we had what we called Fun Friday!!!!  We were busy!

Sidenote:  I apologize for the Valentine Cupcakes, Valentine French Bread and Valentine Pasta being linked up to parties for the week of February 16.  I make the gifts usually day of Valentines and cannot post them before:)

We wanted to make Valentines Cupcakes for 3 of our neighbors.....

So, using the Joy Of Cooking recipe, we made Vanilla Cupcakes.

Above is the ingredients.  If you click on the link above photo, the recipe is on that page.

We put the cute cupcake papers in the muffin tin.  I had leftover decorative toothpicks from last year.
Ingredients...I always think pictures of the ingredients look so nice and colorful.
Jerry is zesting the lemons from our fabulous Meyer Lemon Tree for the cupcakes.

Jerry is whisking the Lemon Zest, Flour, Baking Powder and Salt to put in the Kitchen Aid Mixer
 The cupcakes baked really well.  they are cooling before we put on the homemade frosting from the recipe.
 We made a heart out of them.
 Following the recipe, we made the frosting and decorated the cupcakes with the white frosting and Jerry sprinkled red sprinkles on each one.

 More decorating.....
This is a really pretty tray we found at the 99 Cent Store.  We bought 3 since we were making gifts for 3 neighbors.
 Decorated cupcakes in pretty tray.
 Closeup of the frosted and sprinkled cupcake...they turned out so pretty.
 Added the leftover heart decorated toothpicks to six of them.  Put 6 more regular toothpicks in the other cupcakes so the cellophane paper would not stick to the cupcakes.
Jerry painted this pretty heart on a one sided Valentine's Card that we put with the gift.  Click here to see tutorial for it from Grow Creative Blog.  I plan on painting some of our blank cards with this beautiful heart.

Jerry delivered these 12 pretty Valentine's Cupcakes to our neighbor.....they were happy!!!

and so were we........... 

(Now we will make more to add to some Homemade Pasta and Homemade French Bread in a gift to some other neighbors....see Bread here and final gift here,including bread .)

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