Monday, February 16, 2015

Crocheting and Knitting

During September and October of 2014, it was time to begin crocheting and a little knitting some items for the faires my daughter Jessica presents in.  She is ( Formerly SunnyStitching,) Her New Site is  Crochet Nature Website, Crochet Nature Facebook)

She needed the faire items by November 1 as she lives in England with her husband and 2 children (2 of my precious 5 grandchildren!) and needs time to label, price and plan the layout of her space.

Here is a photo of Jessica and her fabulous display.  She had a fabulous day of sales...but no wonder as she uses a lot of organic and eco friendly yarn and we both take care to make each piece carefully.

Jessica also donates a percentage of all sales to an organization that supports all kinds Human Slavery and Trafficking.  You will find information on her facebook page.

I love Crochet Nature!!!!!!!!!

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