Friday, February 13, 2015

New Hat,Scarves and Gloves!

Time for a new hat, scarf and gloves......for me!   I was planning a trip to Michigan this January/February 2015. (I call it the land of the arctic) visit my daughter Mary and her family and help unpack boxes, etc. as they have purchased a home in Ann Arbor.

Yes, this blog is finally starting 2015 posts!

I had purchased the beautiful knitted scarf below at a boutique where my knitting teacher and her friend Katie were selling items.  Katie made the one below:
I asked my knitting teacher if she would make me a hat like the ones she was selling to go with the scarf.  I chose Vanna's Choice Yarn in the color Taupe
This color blended so nicely with the gray taupe color that is one of the 4 yarns in the scarf.
Now this is a photo of the hat my knitting teacher made with the Vanna's Choice Taupe yarn but you can see the color in the photo is not is really the beautiful gray taupe color of the yarn.
All that was needed now were the gloves which I knitted out of the Vanna's Choice Taupe yarn using double strands.  I used a pattern from a Discover the Knit Stitch class I took at our local Michaels store.  It was very simple.  I wanted to knit the gloves since the hat and scarf were knitted.  Otherwise I would have used this Crochet Nature Pattern to crochet them.  I love Crochet Nature patterns.

Yarn:  Lion Brand Wool-Ease THick and Quick (I used two strands of Vanna's Choice instead)
Knitting Needles Size 13 (9mm)
Large Eyed Blunt Needle

Size:  About 6 1/2 In. (16.5cm) Circumference
Gauge: About 9 Stitches=4 in. (10cm) in Garter Stitch
(Knit Every Row)

CUFF (make 2)
Step 1 Cast on 15 stitches
Step 2 Work in Garter Stitch (knit every stitch on every row) until piece measures about 8 1/2 in. (22cm) from beginning.
Step 3 Bind off, leaving a long yarn tail
Step 4
Fold knit piece in half. Thread yarn tail into blunt needle.
Sew sides of Cuff together for about 2in. (5cm).
Leave next 1 in. (2.5cm) unsewn for thumb opening then seam remainder of sides.
Weave yarn ends into inside (wrong side) of Cuff.

Next Post will show the other two scarves I purchased to take to Michigan (from Crochet Nature)

I forgot how fun it is to have new winter accessories...............

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