Friday, February 13, 2015

Big Cloth Blocks

It was Summer of 2014 and Time for a baby shower!..for my daughter Mary. My other daughter Jessica (Crochet Nature)(Crochet Nature Facebook) and I decided to make some big cloth blocks for the baby who was on the way.  We were hosting a baby shower for Mary and wanted to use decorations that she could then use for the baby.  The blocks were some of the decorations.

We used pattern from Smile and Wave Tutorial , and were able to use fabric we had on hand.  We put added noisy items in the center of the filling: jingle bells in one, cellophane in another, and marbles secured in easter eggs in the third. .  We appliqued A, B, C and X, Y, Z in upper and lower case on the squares that make up each block, and sewed the 6 squares together to make each block.

You can see how cute they look surrounding Nolan in his crib.   Now that he is older, we can play catch with them:)
He is so adorable

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