Friday, February 13, 2015

Project Yesus Pillowcase Dresses

So, continuing in catching up, in May it was time again to sew some Pillowcase Dresses for Project Yesus.  Mallory Fundora who founded this organization as a young girl actually takes these dresses to girls living in Uganda.  You can see here story here.

I ran into the Pillowcase Dresses Project on the blog of Charlene at A Pinch of Joy a few years ago.  It is always a project I look forward to each year now.  I still follow the tutorial Charlene posted which she has a link to on her site. Other tutorials are on a page on Project Yesu here.

The dresses I made in May 2014 were all from the same fabric and ribbon that I purchased at our local JoAnn Fabric Store.  I made 4 different sizes and shipped them to Mallory.

I just noticed that Mallory is now collecting shorts for the boys in Uganda.  They can be sewed or purchased.  Like the fabric for girls' dresses is colorful, she recommends cheerful colors for he boys' shorts also.  I plan on making some this year of 2015 as well as dresses.

What a lovely way to share....thank you Mallory....

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