Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patricks Day Bookmarks


This past Friday, March 15, Jerry got home early much to the delight of me, Henry and Corey.  We had been enjoying a restful afternoon after school was over.  We watched Spiderman movie, ate popcorn, read we were getting a little restless, and then Jerry, otherwise known as Papa came home!

Jerry teaches Special Education and had done a St. Patrick's Day craft with his students.  We all decided we wanted to do the same craft.....make some St. Patrick's Day bookmarks.

There is a very simple supply list:

 A great boy like Henry to pick some fresh clover and the pretty yellow clover flowers. and then bring them to the craft table.
Some packing tape, scissors, green construction paper cut to the size of the bookmark you want to make.
First, place the clover leaves and flowers on the green bookmark in the design you prefer.  Corey is showing how she placed her leaves and flowers.  I really like how she split one leaf into the two hearts.

Then cut the packing tape to be longer than the bookmark and very carefully put it over the decorated bookmark leaving extra on each edge, keeping it smooth as possible.

Then wrap the tape around the ends and add extra to cover the back of the bookmark.
How simple is that!!!!!......Yes, very simple and here are the completed St. Patrick's Day Bookmarks
And the fantastic trio that created them, Papa Jerry, Corey and Henry
Wishing everyone a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!


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