Monday, March 25, 2013

Crocheted Easter Baskets

I was remembering some really cute Easter Baskets I crocheted for all four grandchildren at least three years ago...before blog existed.      (The pattern was can be found here.)

I found this picture of was so fun making these cheerful baskets!!!!!  

On blue basket is a bunny, flower on pink basket.
The photo was taken last year when Jerry (Papa) and I (Nanny) went to England to visit Jessica, Chris, Evie and Canaan.  We actually left Easter day, but were able to have a fun Easter morning.  The cute knitted peeps and chirps in the baskets are featured in my post Chubby Chirps, Peeps and Pancakes.

My daugher Jessica (sunnystitching) told me they were playing with the baskets the other day, hiding plastic eggs and then finding them and putting them in the baskets......You can imagine how happy that made me!!!!

Such a nice memory


  1. It's true! They still love their little baskets and it's fun to bring them out every year for Easter play time :-)

  2. Ahhh, I remember seeing pics of these last year. They are super cute! Mom, congrats on all your blog awards!! I am catching up on March :)

  3. It's always heart warming to know the thing you make are well used. Your Easter baskets are so, so cute!

  4. these are gorgeous, I will have to learn to crochet so my little ones can have these for their Easter hunt next year. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What lovely baskets!!! I bet they will cherish them always! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to see you again tomorrow at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!

  6. Wow...................Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful idea.


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