Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Bunny with Mommy and Granny

As I was looking at some previous photos taken on Easter Sunday last year, I noticed the centerpieces....and remembered making these darling Bunnies and Baby Bunny at least 18 years ago.

A friend who was a nurse administrator would hold craft classes in one of the conference rooms at the hospital where she worked..  Her classes were really my first experience in crafting.  I remembering being so nervous at each class as some of the women were so so good at making whatever Sue had planned. 

I had never used modge podge to decoupage, painted very little.  I could sew:)  We hand sewed the dresses, put wire in the ears created from the socks, ribbons around the ears, stuffed the socks and used cottonballs to show at the very inside opening of the arm sleeves, created the eye and nose/mouth areas...all of a sudden they were Baby Bunny, Mommy Rabbit and Granny Rabbit. 

They can also be soft animals for children to play with ... making them a great centerpiece that the children can enjoy.

These bunnies were one of my favorite crafts we made back then,  and I continue to use them on the dining table at Easter!

Closeup of tiny basket and decoupaged egg.

I usually place the bunnies at different areas of the table.



  1. I remember these! They look cute on the table...kind of like they're walking around and serving the food. Were you having a bbq?

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    Rena Lynn

  3. Mom - I remember these!! Love your table setup. So festive!

  4. Thank You for sharing this with Show Your Stuff!

  5. Kids would love these cute little bunnies!

  6. Very cute. My Bunny would love them! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to see you again tomorrow at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!


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