Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Tree

Henry and Corey, our local grandchildren, were over after school the end of last week and we made an Easter Egg Tree for them to take home. 

We had purchased the sparkly eggs at the local 99Cent Store and went to our local Michael's Arts and Craft Store to purchase some foam cut outs to adhere to the empty can we would paint to use to put the branches in.

Of course, our inspiration for this fun project was my daughter Jessica of SunnyStitching Blog.  Jessica does such creative projects with her two precious children (also my precious grandchildren) and shares them on her blog along with her own creations..

We had a fun afternoon making the Easter Egg Trees.

 Henry painted the inside of the can.
We all painted the outside with pink, purple, blue and white paint.
It was fun sticking on the adhesive foam cutouts.
Hung the sparkly eggs onto the branches.
Ready to take the Easter Egg Tree home!

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

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