Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thanksgiving!...Yes, Thanksgiving!

By the title of this post you can tell how long it has been since I have written.  I am determined to catch up this afternoon and tonight.  My blog is also a journal of wht happens in our family and that is why it is important for me to talk about Thanksgiving.

It started out to be mostly our immediate family that lives here.  My son and his family of 4, me and Jerry, and Jerry's sister and her husband.  Now, we do have an open door life style so gradually we all invited others until we had around 13 for diner which included 3 children.  14 seemed ideal since there have been many years when the count was 20-30.  After dinner our great friends Liz and Elecia (mother and daughter) stopped by for pie and coffee.

It was a wonderful day.  The meal was delicious and the conversations and being with friends and family was meaningful and joyful. A few pictures are below.

 I decorated the walls in the area where we would all be eating with drawings that the grandchildren have created over the last several years. They are so cheerful!   I scattered them around the paintings our daughter Jessica did many years ago. 
 More of the precious artwork above by our grandchildren!
 Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans cooking on the stove.
 We put to use a beautiful potholder and oven mitt that my precious friend Barbara, who lives in Texas gave me!
 The beautiful apple dishes that I grew up with are used at each holiday.  They were my wedding gift instead of china.  I think of my childhhood, mom and auntie when I look at them.

 The tables are set.  Used vases from each of my daughter's wedding with artificial flowers from the local 99 Cent Store and Michaels Arts and Crafts in them.
 Used one of the Thankful Trees that Henry and Corey made for the centerpiece on this table.
 Our friend of many many years, Daniel visiting with Jerry after eating the pie!
 Joan and Al, Jerry's sister and her husband.  What a grand time we had visiting with them.
 Our most kind son, Joel and the left and wonderful neighbor Richard on the right!
 Liz and Elecia bring "JOY" into our home!  Uh Oh...I think Jerry is having another piece of pie!
 Sera, Richard's wife and wonderful neighbor; and Emma her sister who joined with us.
 Jerry and Daniel petting our cute dog Brandy (she wasn't into posing for the picture)
 Joel and his wife Candace....resting after a wonderful meal!
Jerry and Daniel still trying to get Brandy to pose!a

We all missed our daughters and their families being with us.  Mary and her husband Kyle celebrated in Indiana with his family; and Jessica (Sunnystitching) and her family celebrated in England!  

In spite of missing part of our family, it was one of the most fun Thanksgivings for us.

I feel so grateful to live in the United States and be able to enjoy life and holidays.

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