Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mosaic Round Table

When my daughter Jessica (who has the fabulous blog SunnyStitching, as well as SunshineMakings etsy store)was in junior college she worked at a local coffee shop.  They decided to exchange some of their older tables for newer ones and gave her one.

It had a wooden top and black metal base.  We set it on our front porch and over the years the wood started warping and decaying due to weather wear.  It is such a neat table so we purchased some HardiBacker Board (which is fantastic to use as a base for creating a mosiac from tiles)and cut a circle the same size as the wooden top had been.

Jerry repainted the base and after it had dried, he screwed the HardiBacker Board to the black stand.

 I proceeded to get out a box of rectangle white tiles that someone had given me.  I decided to go to our local building supply store Lowe's and buy some square black ones. 
I did lay out the design with the tiles  on a piece of poster board that I cut to be the same size circle before I sprayed the adhesive on the HardiBacker board.
Then I used the spray adhesive that professional tilers use to spray on top of the hardibacker and start sticking the tiles down.  You have to work fast with the spray adhesive so I only sprayed one area at a time.

The mosaic design transformed the table to be artsy and so pleasing to see.  Jerry and I used it one evening when we had our Golden Globe Awards Dinner which you can see here.

It sits on our front porch still with a beautiful succulent plant in the center.
I love seeing it each time I go in and out of our home.

Have a lovely evening........


  1. What a great re-do, It turned out awesome! Loved catching up on your blog. Hope you are doing well Kay :)

  2. This is really cute and perfect for outdoors. This is something I can see myself trying with the kids, but it will have to be well organized.
    Thanks for sharing and I am following you from the hop.
    I would love for you to follow along.


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