Thursday, January 10, 2013

Embellished Red Christmas Towels

Every year my daughters Jessica (sunnystitching) and Mary and myself host an Ornament Party.  We make most of the food for the main course.  Candace brings a big delicious salad each year.   Wine, sparkling cider, champagne, hot cider are the usual drinks of the evening along with the delicious appetizers that some of the guests bring. Mary always makes some of her famous cookies...have I mentioned what a fantastic cook and baker Mary is.  We are looking forward to her blog starting up soon.

We can't even remember how many we have hosted but an estimate is 12-15 parties.

Several years ago we started having raffle drawings and I committed to make a raffle prize each year.  One year I crocheted a pretty cowl.  Another year I donated a set of cards I created to be the prize.  This year I had noticed a pattern in an old 1994 issue of Crochet Collection magazine that someone gave me years ago for a really pretty Festive Towel Trim pattern, and decided to make two of them as prizes.

I then decided to make three more.  One for Jessica, Mary and my son's wife Candace as Christmas presents for them.  Thus, I could not post about them until after Christmas.

I hope you enjoy seeing the photo of them.  The Christmas trees are first crocheted with Classic 10 Forest Green Cotton Thread by Aunt Lydia's Yarns, and then the gold stars from Aunt Lydia's Metallic 10 Gold. 
I hand sewed on more beads than the pattern called for to decorate the trees and then hand sewed them to the red towels.  I was not able to find red finger towels that were used in the magazine, so I used these beautiful hand towels that I purchased at our local K-Mart Store.

 The red beads are they were a beautiful contrast to the gold ones.

The two winners of these at the Ornament Party Raffle Drawing really seemed to like them.

More important, Jessica, Mary and Candace were joyfully surprised with their towels on Christmas morning when we exchanged presents.

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