Sunday, January 20, 2013

Car Track by Henry

Quite some time ago, my grandson Henry was over.  He called for me to see what he had made and when I came into the play area, I was astonished at his creativity!  He had taken a few vertical blinds that had fallen from our sliding doors and made them into the greatest car track!

At first he stuck the blinds into the edge of the play table but then I helped him use the blue painters tape to tape them down.  Of course, he helped me.  It was so much fun!

I can't find a picture of the original one, but we had it laying on the chair seats.  Later, we put on our engineer hats and changed it to go under the backs of the chairs and then lay on the seats.

 We taped it really good to the edge of the play table.
 Then carefully put it through the back of the chair onto the seat and floor.  We taped the two blinds together all the way down to create two tracks.
 The start of the race!
 And the winner is!!!!!....................
 HENRY for creating this fun car track!

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  1. How sweet! Kids are so free in their thinking, i see it with Eva too. We can learn so much from them. Love your pics dear Kay!

  2. Henry says, "Thank you." He enjoys seeing his pictures up here. Off to play Power Rangers...I want to be the red one but Henry says I have to be the gold one :)


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