Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Swiss Chard Enchiladas!

Jerry and I have been married 40 years.

When we were first married the vegetables we ate literally came out of our little garden and also from day old section of indoor ranch market.

Even then, I loved the challenge to cook what we had.  I read Edith Schaefer books and was inspired by the way she has always lived her life...accepted challenges to make do with what she had.

One dish I would make was Swiss Chard Enchiladas.  I really did just make it up back then.  I used big cans of Tomato Juice for sauce...it would go far.  I can't seem to find it anymore so now I use Tomato Sauce.  I always roll the chard inside softened corn tortillas.

Here we go!

Swiss Chard....It is so pretty!
It is cut up and being cleaned.
Put the ends cut up in our compost pitcher to feed our worm compost.
Start cooking the swiss chard....I just put about a 1/2 inch of water in pot as the leftover rinse water on chard also give moisture for cooking.  I cook on low heat until done.

Also, start heating the Tomato Sauce in skillet.  I am very limited on herbs and spices that I can eat, so I added parsley to the sauce.  You can add whatever you want to make it spicy to your taste.  Onions are also delicious with this..they can cook with chard, in sauce or just be saute'd in separate pan.
I softened corn tortillas in microwave and then pull them through the hot sauce to soften them more. (be careful to not burn your fingers)
Put some Swiss Chard in middle of tortilla that was swept through the sauce.  I put them one by one in 9x13 baking dish to roll them up.
Before rolling them up, I add Shredded Part Skim Mozarella Cheese on top of chard.
 So, I do fill and roll them one by one in the baking dish.

I sprinkle rest of shredded cheese on top,......
.......pour rest of Tomato Sauce over the tops or the enchiladas and let it flow over ends and onto bottom of dish so the corn tortillas will note dry out.
.....and ready to eat!

we still love to eat these Swiss Chard Enchiladas......

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