Monday, March 9, 2015

Blue Fleece Vest for Nolan

After making some fleece vests for 3 of our grandkids,  my daughter Mary who is mom to Nolan (1 year old) asked if I would make a fleece vest for him. 

I was so excited!  I knew it would be little and so cute on him.

I have enough leftover blue fleece from the vests for Evie and Canaan.  I ordered a zipper from Zipper Shipper but could not find a pattern for a 1 year old in the pattern books at our local Joann Fabrics store.

So...I tried searaching online and ordered a really perfect pattern.  I apologize that I did not keep source from which i purchased the pattern.

Below are photos of Nolan looking so very cute in his new blue fleece vest.

The verdict is in.....Nolan is cuter than the blue vest....
but the Blue Fleece Vest is still so cute on him....

Nothing more gratifying than seeing my grandchildren wearing clothes I make them....


  1. He is pretty cute!! Now that it's in the 50s he can wear the vest a lot more!!!


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