Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Camoflauge Fleece Vest

Decided to make fleece vests for 3 of our grandchildren and wanted to share on this post the one I made for Henry who is 7.  He is into camoflauge and I found the perfect fleece at our local Joann''s Fabric store.
Below is view of it with zipper closed.

These vests made of fleece are so easy to make.  The fabric does not fray so no need to turn under edges.  I got the Parka Separating Zipper from Joann's Fabrics only because they did have the correct length I needed.  Otherwise, I order them online from Zipper Shipper.

It is so easy to sew in the zippers according to the pattern directions. .....and the pattern is also very easy to follow for making the body of the vest.  McCalls M6222.  I already knew this vest pattern runs short so added length when cutting out.  However, when adjust length need to also make sure you get correct zipper length.

Even Papa Bear wanted to wear the vest!

My Great Grandchildren!


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