Tuesday, May 15, 2012

True Story About Ruby

This is a true story about a very special dog named Ruby....a very sweet pitbull who has been given another chance to have a happy life, at last!

Ruby was saved by Flirting with Fido rescue out of Canada on her last day at the South LA County Shelter before being euthanized. She was brought in as a stray, and was pregnant. Per strict LA County shelter policy, the shelter aborted sweet Ruby's puppies when they spayed her. 

Our neighbors Deanna and Trevor brought her to their cozy loving home to recover from her surgery, both physically and mentally.

She is a SWEET, gentle, mild-mannered approx 2 yr old girl. She is a huge lover, more interested in cuddles and kisses than anything else. She's dog friendly, crate trained, potty trained, great with kids, and an all around wonderful canine companion. 
Me, Jerry and our granddaughter Corey and Henry visiting with Ruby
She was diagnose with heartworm (a very serious and deadly disease) right before she was to go to Canada to be with Flirting with Fido Rescue.  Her foster home here in San Clemente California decided to keep her here for her treatments.  Her treatment will last approx 2 months.

Our neighbors Deanna and Trevor are involved with several Pet Rescue Groups and will facebook stories about dogs who are in the kill shelters.  We all hit "share" to spread the stories to our friends, then to friends of friends, etc.  This sharing greatly helps some of the dogs to be saved....and go on to be adopted into loving homes.

I fell in love with Ruby... All she wants to do is cuddle and hold her pink pig.  Being with her has been a unique experience.
Deanna and Ruby and the Pink Pig

The picture below is so cute of Ruby saying Thank You to everyone who contributed to her heartworm treatment.

I think I created this post more for myself...to have documented Ruby's story and to encourage anyone who reads it to maybe contribute to rescue dogs from the kill shelters or even adopt one.
It is good to have compassion.


  1. Candace BussjaegerMay 16, 2012 at 7:28 PM

    What a sweet girl! Thanks for sharing her story :)

  2. My heart is just bursting for her! Praise God and all of you for rescuing her.

    I live in NJ and have rescued a number of dogs and cats in my 66 years. My step-mom had a rescue shelter in the Pocono Mountains from 1981 until she passed 2 years ago.

    I wish I could do more!

    Maybe you could give me a link to donate to.


  3. She is gorgeous! We had a bullterrier who adopted me when she was about a year old. She met me on the street and moved in, found her owner and took her back and half an hour later she was at my place again. took her 2 weeks of constantly showing up when i spoke to the owner and asked to keep her. we had her for 13 years, she died last july.
    ant you keep her?
    hugs to you dear friend

  4. What a beautiful dog and wonderful story!
    I thank you for saving her, may God bless you and her!!


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