Monday, May 21, 2012

Fleece Child Hats and Scarves

Well, Threading My Way has a theme this week for their linky party which is Hats, Bonnets, Beanies and Scarves.  At the beginning of this year I made fleece hats and scarves for my grandchildren who live in England where is does get "cold".  I had crocheted hats for them in the past but wanted to try sewing fleece ones that would really keep their ears warm.

I was able to use the 40% off coupon at the local Joann's Fabric Store to purchase the pink fleece for Evie's and Jerry, my great  husband, found the brown fleece in the remnants at the store and it was marked down to $2.50 for the whole piece which was more than enough!!!!! Excited!

Used McCall's pattern M5772 which was also on sale, version " and had fun sewing them, adding the flowers and the pompoms! The fleece was so easy to raveling edges....

Jessica (sunnystitching) sent me pictures of Evie and Canaan wearing the hats and scarves.  Now, is it possible to just choose two (one each) when I am looking at all these "cute " pictures....not for me.  So of course, I have included all of the photos:):):)  I especially love the ones with them blowing the dandelions.


  1. they are so gogeous! it must be hard having them live so far away. your hats are very pretty too, i love the pink flower! it will always remind them of you when they are wearing them.
    lots of love dear Kay

  2. Can you believe it was actually cold enough for the kids to wear the hats just two days ago?? And today they're in sundress & short sleeves. Crazy weather! They love their hats :-)

  3. So cute hats! The flower was a really good idea :)

  4. Candace BussjaegerMay 23, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    Great job on the hats, Kay!!!

  5. Awesome hats, Kay! I would never have thought of making them from fleece, but I really like the idea. The embellishments really jazz them up.

    How true is the saying at the bottom of your post!!!

  6. Lovely hats .. and such cute grandkids! I visited the UK last week and it was so cold (I could have used a hat and some gloves!)... now my family says it is really warm - definitely crazy weather!!


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