Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Train Puzzle-Dedicated to Evie and Canaan

On Tuesdays, Henry comes to spend the day.  We usually go to his speech class and then to gym where I exercise and he stays in the kids club.  However, today Henry had a cold and cough so we stayed home.  He loves to play outside, play with legos and watch Sid the Science Kid, Barney, Bob the Builder, etc. So, he is really easy to spend the day with.

We decided to have a restful day and stay indoors.  He was getting a little bored so we decided to make a puzzle.  I got a great idea from wikkihow and we started our crafting.

We are dedicating this posting to Henry's cousins, Canaan and Evie who live in England because they love to do crafts, color and play with puzzles but mostly because we love them!

First, we found a picture of a train and printed it.  Then we colored it together.
Next, we gathered the supplies we needed from wikkihow.
Then we traced the outline of the train page on one side of the cereal box and cut it out.
We drizzled on glue and Henry spread it around with the foam brush.
I glued the picture of the train to the cereal box piece and we let it dry.
Then we drew squares on the back of the piece from the cereal box and cut out the squares.  Henry cut out the last square.
He got so excited when he turned it over to see part of the train picture and even more excited when we put the puzzle together.  
 We got a zip lock bag to keep the puzzle pieces in, and labeled it Train Puzzle.
 We are already looking forward to making another puzzle.
It was a wonderful day with Henry today.  We talked about many things but a lot about how excited we are for Canaan and Evie to come so Henry can color with them, play legos, go to the beach and all the other fun stuff they do together.
My heart is full.


  1. cooool ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love it

  2. How lovely! The pictures of the two of you are so gorgeous! Also love your train puzzle.
    It is so great for Henry (and for you :-) ) that you see each other so regularly.

  3. Such a cute idea!!!

    New follow from the blog hop :) Hope you get a chance to stop by my blog :)

    xo, Jersey Girl


  4. "Wow!" says Canaan.
    "Do you like the puzzle?" Asks Mommy.
    "Yeees. Beauuutiful." Says Canaan.

  5. great kids craft, can't believe i've never thought of doing this

    Natasha @ www.serenityyou.blogspot.com

  6. What a simple, yet fun activity for kids. I'm going to try it this summer with mine when the boredom sets in. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

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