Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heart Fleece jacket

I have started taking part in Threading My Way weekly link party.  A category is given for each week, and for this current week it is "Jackets, Coats, Raincoats and Ponchos for kids and adults".  

A few years ago I sewed a beautiful jacket for my granddaughter out of really pretty light blue heart fleece fabric.  The fleece was a very soft and cuddly fleece.  I used McCall's Pattern M5743 used the size 3 which fit Evie perfectly.  I really liked the sleeves on this fluffy and cute.
I had two pieces of light blue heart fleece that I had on hand to use for little blankets when the grandchildren would come to visit and used those two pieces to make the jacket.  I had to go to JoAnn's Fabric Store to buy the buttons and just a small piece of solid blue for the collar facing.  This was the first jacket I had ever made and I was excited!  

Some views of the jacket are below.

Front View
 Back View
 Fluffy Fluffy Sleeves
 Front Yoke Detail - I loved the Rounded Collar Look
 Back Yoke Detail
 My precious granddaughter.  My daughter - sunnystitching (her mom) assured me Evie was sad not because of the jacket but because she wasn't in the mood to have her picture taken:):)
 Evie models the Heart Jacket
 Evie is definitely much cuter and more cuddly than the jacket!:)
I never take for granted the freedom I have to be able to sew.


  1. LOVE IT! Would really like to make one each for my girls... Was it relatively easy for a first time jacket sewer?? I have never made one either and it is kind of daunting!

  2. OMG! This is the most gorgeous thing!!! how beautiful!! and how talented you are to make something like that!
    and yes, Evie is very cute too :-)
    hugs to you xxx

  3. Such a pretty little jacket, Kay!!! Love the yolk with the gathering to match the frilly sleeves. Looks so warm and cuddly!!! Thanks so much for the link back!!!

  4. That is a pretty jacket! The pretty blue fabric looks great on your cute granddaughter. The sleeves are too cute!


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