Sunday, June 3, 2012

BodyBoard Bag

About a month ago, Jerry asked me to make a bag for his new bodyboard.  The bag basically keeps the sun off and also is protective to keep the board from being scratched when in the garage.

I had a couple flannel sheets that I had sewed to be a comforter cover so I took them apart.  The process was pretty simple. 

I basically laid the bodyboard on the sheet and put pins around it  to mark where to cut it.  Then I sewed it on the sewing machine around 3 sides.  It was too large so I sewed it in more and cut off the extra fabric.  Then I turned down the top one time and sewed it to be a casing.  Jerry had a shoestring that he wasn't using so we pulled it through the casing and the bodyboard bag was finished!

A few pictures are below:
Folded sheet in half
Here is the bodyboard on the sheet and I pinned around it to make the seam line.
Sewed around the 3 sides.  Picture shows me sewing seam along the folded side.  I cut it open after sewing the seam.
Tried to show the green shoestring that we pullled through the casing.
Jerry and the new Bodyboard Bag


  1. How nice! I could do with a couple of these bags for everything from the outside furniture to the car. the sun here just eats it up :-)
    Love the few into your house on the last picture! always curious to see how my friends live...
    big hug to you

  2. A great upcycle, which effectively cost you nothing!


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