Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine Cards Going to England

After finishing the Valentine Bookmarks for Evie and Canaan, see tutorial here..........

....I still needed to make them Valentine Cards.
Jessica, their mom, my daughter, was coming for a quick visit form England and time was running out.

I was able to get them finished.  As I make cards for loved ones, I think what a pleasant experience it is....to think of the person receiving the card and trying to make that card special for them.  My cards are very simple, but from my heart.
This card is for Canaan......

 Front of Card
 Inside of Canaan's Card

This card is for Evie

 Front of Card
Inside of Card

The cards will be flying to England...for....Evie and Canaan......
We love you both, Papa and Nanny

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  1. Thanks for the cards and bookmarks! The kids still have their cards displayed by their beds :-)


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