Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Socks Are Finished!

In April I shared One Sock Completed, One To Go.  I honestly thought the socks for Evie and Canaan would be finished in about 2 months and that they would take them back to England after their summer visit.

Well.......guess not, because I just finished them!.....and they are sooo cute! 

The question remains if they will's hoping as they will be mailed this week!

 It's pretty obvious the blue socks are for Canaan, and the rainbow socks are for Evie.  I used this cute pattern and fingerweight yarn by Regia.  The pattern was easy to follow, but I had a hard time getting the tension of my crocheting on the second sock to match the first one. 

 Riley is the new "family" dog.  Actually, my granddog....he belongs to my son's family of whom my cute grandkids, Henry (5 yrs) and Corey (10yrs) belong.  I was babysitting Riley and he wanted in the picture!:)
One last photo of the socks!

Evie and Canaan, here come the socks!

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