Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Sock Completed, One to Go!

While visiting SunnyStitching and her family in England a few weeks ago, I purchased some sock yarn by Regia.  I had been wanting to try making socks for Evie and Canaan.  I bought one skein each of pink variegated and blue variegated colors.

After researching about knitting the socks, I actually found a cute pattern for crocheting a pair.  This pattern also had the size I needed.  I now know most of you use two skeins so each sock begins at the same place but SunnyStitching is so lovely and creative.  She said it wouldn't matter if they were a slightly mismatched pair.  I started the project and it was a bit challenging using the narrow yarn and narrow needle, but the pattern was easy to follow.  However.....oh no!....not enough yarn to finish the second one...just 10 yard short.  I left the most important marker in and a piece of yarn on a row until I make the other one!

I have ordered another skein of each color but would have been sad to miss posting on the linky parties this week so.........
It's One Down and One to Go!
Lesson Learned.....Buy at least two skeins of yarn from another country...Regia is hard to find in USA

Tarry not, for the hook awaits thee.

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  1. Oh how many projects I have started to come up 10 yards short!!! Hope you can finish yours soon. Thanks so much for linking on busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! Hope to see you again next week.


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