Thursday, February 23, 2012

Refurbished Leggings for Evangelyn

I received several pairs of leggings from my neighbor that her daughter had outgrown.  One pair had some ink stains on the bottoms of the legs so I decided to redo them.

Original pants with stains.
First I cut off the leg bottom right at the stained area.  Then cut a piece off the other other leg to be the same length.  I had decided that the small stain still showing would be the designated place I would sew on the cut off eyelet trim. 
Cut off legs
I folded over the top edge of the cut off pieces and pinned them onto the bottoms of the leg pieces leaving about 1/2" bottom edge of leg pieces exposed.
Pinned eyelet trim on leg pieces
Cut off eyelet, folded under

I needed some more lace to add the the bottom of each leg piece so I had a tank top that was in the "use these clothes as fabric box" that had a light purple lace around the top edge.  I cut it off right above the sewed edge.  I folded it around the bottom of one of the leg pieces, added 1/4" and cut it to that length.  I then cut one more piece of the lavender lace the same length.                                       
Tanktop used for lace trim.
Folded lace around leg piece to get length.

I sewed each lace piece together using a 1/4" seam
Sewed lace 1/4" seam right sides together.
After sewing them, I turned them right side out and pinned them around the pants legs right under the pink eyelet lace trim.
Pinned lace trim right under eyelet trim.
Pinned eyelet and lace trims on leg pieces

Then I sewed on sewing machine first the pink eyelet trim and then the purple lace trim.  I sewed a double seam on each trim.
Sewing lace trim under eyelet trim
Found some purple and pink ribbon in ribbon drawer.  I laid the pink over the purple and put it over the top edge of the pink eyelet trim, folding it around the leg piece and adding 1/2' to turn under.  Stitched it on sewing machine, but held it as I sewed it.  The fabric was too thick to pin it.
Folding ribbons around leg piece.
Sewing on the two ribbon trim


The Cute Newly Trimmed Leggings!
Pink ribbon hand sewed and tied in bow.

I then cut two pieces of pink ribbon and folded them in half, marked the half spot, and handsewed each of those pieces of pink ribbon to the front of the purple/pink ribbon trim, in center of trim.  I tied them into a bow and now have a pretty pair of leggings for my granddaughter Evangelyn.

Creating is definitely fun!


  1. What a great idea - I have got leggings, ribbon and lace!!!! Thanks!

    1. Libby,
      Thank you for viewing my blog...and thank you for nominating sunnystitching for the award. I viewed your blog and both of your blogs are very warm and lovely. Have fun creating your leggings. I am going to try to knit one of your beautiful hats.
      Wishing you a weekend of cheerfulness.

  2. Wow these are sooo cute! I might just have to make some for my little girlies! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) If you do end up making a ruffle onesie, I would love to see pics!

  3. What a fantastic totally looks like you paid a lot for those! Great Job!

  4. These are adorable!!! No one would ever guess they were once an old pair of leggings with stains.

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