Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Colorful Little Elephant

My friend Liz and I saw the cute crocheted elephant by sunnystitching.  I was really wanting to make one and Liz said she would like to have one.  She chose colors for her little elephant from my inventory of yarn, and here is the result!...This cute elephant loved modeling her uniqueness!
Front Pose!
So cute!
Her special blue leg
I am very excited to give Liz her little elephant tomorrow.  I think she will really like it. 
A big thanks to sunnystitching for posting such a cute project on her blog.  Will definitely be making more of these!  I found the pattern on Lion Brand Free Crochet Amigurumi Elephant Patterns

It has been a wonderful day!
Thankfulness and Thoughtfulness....nice theme for the rest of the week.



  1. This is definitely colorful or as Evie likes to say: "polychromatic." Happy Birthday!

    1. Jessica,
      Thanks for looking at turned out so cute! and very polychromatic!!!!!! Thanks for posting such cute stuff!


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