Sunday, May 25, 2014


Our wonderful neighbor Richard let me and Jerry use his van to go get a piece of plywood at Lowe's that I wanted to use for a small quilting table. 

Of course, I wanted to thank him and knowing he likes cookies......a great excuse to bake some chocolate chip cookies.

I recently purchased an official dough scooper and it was my second time to use it.  The cookies are so easy to put on the baking sheet using it!  Just scoop the dough and press on the back of the scooper and the dough comes out really even and rounded.

 The New Dough Scooper

 Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie

I was also going to visit a friend and her young children the next day, so made enough cookies for them also.  They always ask when I come over, "Did you bring cookies?":)

 Of course, other neighbors got deliveries also.

The kitchen smelled so good this day of giving.......

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