Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Few New Creations!....and a featured guest!

My friend Liz and I decided to use some leftover fleece to make a few toddler hats using Simplicity 5317 pattern.  We made the large size (21")....and they came out so cute.  I did piece together the lower bands but it doesn't distract from how cute they are!....They are so easy and not lined.  I haven't decided how to decorate mine yet, but Liz sewed a shiny yellow round button on top of a flat pink button on the one she made.....see was so fun having a friend to sew with!...Thanks Liz.  
Liz points to where she is going to sew on the buttons
There are the cute pink and yellow buttons!

The next pictures are of two t-shirts I embellished for E and C who live abroad.  I am excited to send them.  For once I thought up the applique design.  I usually have to look at a design and try to copy it so this was exciting.  My husband, Jerry helped me with the placement of the 3 hearts the turtle is holding.  The picture doesn't show the hearts very well but I think you can see the ribbon bow on the one with the purple zebra hearts.  E and C love balloons so the hearts represent balloons on these t-shirts.   
The purple sleeves were saved from one of my t-shirts that I previously remade into a tshirt for E but I liked the buttons and saved the sleeves.  Yea....could make the t-shirt long sleeve.  Went to a local thrift store and found a small t-shirt for 50 cents ...purchased it and used the blue sleeves to also make C's t-shirt have long sleeves.

The happy turtle t-shirt for C
The happy purple heart balloons t-shirt for E

Wishing everyone a most lovely week.  

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  1. Those shirts are so cute! I love the buttons. And your hat looks great, too, Liz!


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