Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sharing Some Old and New Projects

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.  I was excited to finish an Owl Mobile and a soft blue fleece blanket for a friend of mine who is having her first baby ...a boy.  I got the idea for the Owl Mobile from a mobile shared by who also shared template for the tree, and from a cute owl template on another site juicy bits.  Jerry created a really great dowel hanger for it.   It was the first project I have handsewed from felt and it was relaxing to make it while watching tv in the evenings.
As part of the gift, I made a fleece blanket...with fleece purchased at Joann Fabrics JoAnns Fabrics.  I get a little more than a 45" length of the fleece.  Then cut it to be 45" square and sew blanket binding onto the edges.
I am excited to send this gift and thank the ladies who shared the idea for the mobile and were so generous to share their templates.

Also wanted to share the flannel fabric above used for the nightshirts for my granddaughter and nieces. Not sure when I will have a picture of the finished nightshirt. The pattern is McCalls M4963. They turned out really cute and I think the girls liked them. This fabric was also purchased at Joann Fabrics.

As I was looking at pictures of some of the stuff I have made this year, found one of three wreathes I made for Christmas.  Saw idea on internet to use 3 wire coathangers, make them into circles keeping the hook on the top. Wrap floral tape (I like the real stretchy tape) around them and then wrap the garland, fresh pine, etc on top and attach with wire or floral tape.  I used 3 berry garlands that a friend gave me last year to make three of them and purchased ribbon at the 99Cent Store to make bows.  They were so easy and came out really nice.

I am now going to start makin 2 Valentine t shirts for my grandchildren who live abroad.  I purchased red tshirts and am going to applique pictures on them.  Excited to get started.  So many projects already in my "head" for the new year!!.....Hope to inspire some of you as I have been inspired by so many creative people who share their ideas!!!!

With thankfulness,



  1. So creative, Kay! As someone who has cherished your hand-made gifts for 32+ years, I know the people receiving these will do the same!

  2. the fleece blanket seems faster than crocheting...I might have to try that next time!!

  3. Hi Mom! Your creations look great! I made a hat for myself the last couple of nights. It felt great to crochet again. I posted a pic of it on

    ...can I respond to Mary B by saying you should keep up the crocheting because those blankets you made seem to grow with the kids (in a good way). Seriously.


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