Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Mom's Beautiful Christmas Ceramic Dishes

When I grew up in Texas, out in the country, my mom loved being a mom and housewife, and also sewing, canning, cooking and making ceramics.  She belonged to a garden club, ceramics club, and a sewing/crafts club...of course, it was a small rural area and the same ladies all belonged to these same clubs.  I grew up watching my mom Martha, her sister Evelyn (known as Auntie to me), Mrs. Parrot, Mrs. Edworthy, Mrs. Moore, and a few more whose names slip my mind enjoy these activities.  I am so thankful for them.  I wanted to share a picture I took this year of some of the Christmas ceramic dishes that I brought back from Texas when my parents passed away back in the 80's.  I get so excited each year when I put them on the table at our annual Ornament Party.  Of course, they are filled with delicious cookies, appetizers, etc.  I also have some other dishes but had already put them back in storage before I took this picture....I hope you enjoy seeing them....and I hope in some small way my blog will encourage whoever is reading it to find a creative outlet that you enjoy and that can also bless others.

May you touch someone's life this week!

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  1. We love getting out the Christmas dishes each year; remembering the creative women in her life and the celebrations where we have used the unique, colorful ceramics. Kay's Mom was awesome!


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