Saturday, January 25, 2014

Adorable Doll Outfit

I have not posted in for several months..  Now, this does not mean that I have not been busy creating.  Just the opposite!

I have been crocheting items for the etsy shop Sunshine Makings started by my daughter Jessica of SunnyStitching.  Jessica also participated in a couple of faires and sold a lot of our crocheted items there.  I tested some of the patterns that she also sells on the Sunshine Makings etsy store, click here to see them.  Our goal is to use organic yarn, bamboo yarn, recycled denim yarn, and other natural yarns on the items we sell.  We crochet with care many beautiful items for Sunshine Making.

   Besides crocheting for the etsy store, I also knitted several baby blankets using the Natures Choice Organic Yarn.  It is so soft and delightful to work with.
   Then there were the traditional summer and winter nightgowns for Evie, pjs for Henry and Canaan, and nightshirts for Corey.  I made pants for Canaan from men's pants that my husband and son give me, a darling flannel dress for Evie, flannel shirts for the boys.

So, Evie and Canaan asked me to make some doll clothes for their dolls.  This is my first time to sew doll clothes and it was so much fun!

Here is the cute outfit I made for Evie's doll using leftover fabric from a pillowcase dress made for a charity and part of a tshirt leftover from a ruffled onesie.
McCalls Crafts Pattern M6137 was the pattern used for this darling jumper outfit.

Small view of the velcro used a closure in back of top

Shhhhh.............Jumper to be mailed next is a surprise!

Go to Very Cute Boy Doll Outfit to see clothes made for Canaan's doll

I am hoping to make some more doll outfits.........

Sewing brings joy

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  1. Such a cute little outfit, Kay. I'm just not patient enough to make dolls' clothes.


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