Thursday, June 13, 2013

Delightful New Dish Cloths

Good bye sponges and hello to my new crocheted dishcloths.

I had been thinking about changing to crocheted or knitted dishcloths and finally decided to just make the change.
I only use the sponges for cleaning marks on floor and burnt (yes, burnt) food in pots and pans.

I had some exta Lily's Sugar N Cream Cotton Yarn,  leftover from the really pretty cup cozies available on me and my daughter Jessica's etsy store SunshineMakings.  (We have received wonderful feedback from customers who purchased these cozies.)

*Jessica also has a wonderful free patterns and creations on her SunnyStitching blog that I know you would really enjoy.*

I decided to use the extra yarn to crochet these delightful dish cloths.  I actually have made another yellow one since taking these photos.  I am pretty sure I used the Gritch Stitch Washcloth and the Back Loop Stitch patterns from Lion Brand..  I made them about 8"instead of 10" squares.

I use one for a few days and then wash it with other towels, adding a tiny bit of Ultra Downey Free and Sensitive Fabric Softener.  The dishcloths smell fresh and are soft after being dried. I like having a few extras so when one is in wash, there is a clean one to use.
Ultra Downy® Free and Sensitive liquid 
Notice my favorite dish washing liquid soap (as mentioned in upcoming post Great Dish Soap) in picture below....Seventh Generation

I have really enjoyed using them and love seeing the cheerful color when they hang over the edge of the dishdrainer.

So glad to have cheerful dish cloths in the kitchen........

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  1. I am with you just switched over myself. Have a special set just for cleaning grandsons face and hands after meals. ;)


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