Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pretty Paper Butterfly

One afternoon my granddaughter Corey who is 10 years old had a friend over.  We decided to make a craft and I had seen this one on a post on my daughter Jessica's blog SunnyStitching.  It is the pattern for the butterfly that is part of the Easter Garden.  The original pattern is on here.

We gathered our supplies and began making pretty butterflies.  A magazine, and templates cut out using the pattern here.  A bit of ribbon, beads and glue. 

Corey chose the page advertising gum, and her friend chose the page advertising chocolate.  I chose a page not pictured. 
We put the butterfly templates on the magazine pages and cut them out.  We then folded it according to the instructions, tied them with ribbon, and then glued beads on the ends of the ribbon and sparkely sequins on the wings.

They were so fun to make and were so pretty.  I think I will put mine on the front of a blank card to send to a friend.
 Three pretty butterflies.

This butterfly will be put on the front of a blank card.

Creating pretty butterflies is a wonderful craft for kids........and me.


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