Monday, March 30, 2015

Heartfelt Easter Bunny

This adorable Heartfelt Bunny is one of my favorites to make.
Another one I made is on my post Baby Hat, Booties and Bunny.

Heartfelt Bunny pattern is from Lion Brand Vanna's Choice and can be found here.

More photos below

Cute Face!

Cute Little Tail

Precious Heart

Heartfelt Bunny is going to Michigan this week for my Grandson Nolan's Easter Basket.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thank you for Spotlight

I was linking the crocheted  Cute Easter Bunnies I made this week to the RoundTuit Link Party and was so surprised to see the Easter Baskets with the Peeps and Chubby Chirps in them had been included in the Saturday Spotlight.

I actually crocheted these Easter Baskets a few years ago but like to share them each year in case anyone was trying to find a pretty pattern for a crocheted Easter Bask.  The Peeps and Chubby Chirps were cute knit and crocheted amigurumiis to put in them.

Thank you Jill for hosting the RoundTuit Party on you blog Creating My Way to Success.

Cute Bunnies

I have had a fun time crocheting Easter Bunnies for my grandchildren's Easter Baskets this week.

I used a pattern from the Lion Brand Free Patterns called Bella the Bunny.  The Pink Bunny was from scrap yarn.  The White Bunny was crocheted with Caron Sparkly.  The Blue Bunnies with bow ties were crocheted with Red Heart Baby yarn and is actually a softer color than represented, and the cute bunny in the middle was from Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend (color Igloo which is not properly represented in photo).

I used the Clover Pom Pom Maker for the cute fluffy tails.
 Jelly Bean Fabric Bow Ties

 Pretty Pink Ribbons
Sunny Yellow Ribbons

Excited Bunnies for a fun-filled special Easter

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Peeps and Chubby Chirps

Adorable Peeps and Chubby Chirps were part of the Easter gift for my grandchildren a few years ago.

The Peeps were crocheted (click here for pattern) and the Chubby Chirps were knitted (pattern is here)

I was challenged by the Chirps as it was my first time with double pointed needles but managed to finish them.  Now I have taken DPN classes and understand how to use fact I love using DPN's.

Hope you will also enjoy looking at the original post, Chirps, Peeps and Pancakes......

There is always a reason to create!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cute Crocheted Easter Baskets

In past years I crocheted Easter Baskets for my grandchildren.  I love sharing them each Easter on a post in case anyone is looking for an easy pattern to make.

Go to this page my original post as on about these adorable Easter Baskets.....

Enjoying Creating and Crocheting....Hope you are too!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fleece Vests for the Grandkids

My daughter in England requested some fleece vests for her children Canaan and Evie (two of my precious grandchildren:))  Several years back I made them for Canaan and Henry (another precious grandson) for here to see.  Of course, I was delighted to make more!

New Blue Vests

Canaan and Evie wanted blue fleece.  Henry is into camouflage so I found some great Camo fleece for him.  I do most of my shopping at our local Joann Fabric store.  Click here to see more of Henry's Vest!

I used the following pattern that I had used previously.  It is easy to follow and instructions for sewing in the zipper are made simple.  The vest in this pattern is a little short to their liking, so I added length to it.  I had to remember to also add the length to the facing and get a longer parka separating zipper than the pattern called for.  I ordered the blue zipper and lavender zipper from Zipper Shipper . The lengths needed for the zippers were not standard and at Zipper Shipper they cut according the length needed.  They also have a nice choice of colors.

Here are photos that show how pretty the lavender zipper looks against the blue making it look more feminine and the blue zipper looking so great on Canaan's.

Below are more photos of the vests as modeled Evie and Canaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty obvious I  "LOVE" sewing for my grandkids!

Monday, March 16, 2015

St Patricks Day Outfits

A couple weeks ago I posted about a T-Shirt and Dress I made for my grandchildren who live in England, Evie and Canaan to wear for St Patrick's Day.   So excited to post pictures of them  wearing the clothes!  

The T-Shirt and Dress look so great on them.....much better photos than just the clothes themselves in previous posts.  More photos below.......ENJOY!
Canaan is giving his shirt a "thumbs up"

I think they are trying to be taller:)

Thank you Lord, for my grandchildren................