Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY Dog Door

We adopted a 12 year old poodle several years ago named Brandie.  She has been in a few of my posts.

We decided to try to train her to use a pet door but did not want to buy a new screen door with a built in pet door in case she would not use it.

We really want to get a storm screen door with a adjustable top that closes off in the winter but opens to a screen in the summer, and that has a pet door.

So, we made a pet door in our old existing screen door.........

First, Jerry took off the white wire screen door guard (not pictured) and then took the screen door off the door frame.
He then cut a rectangle opening in the bottom of the door (above).
He put silver duct tape around the sharp edges of the cut-out.
Jerry put the screen door back onto the door frame and we started trying to get Brandie to use it.
She caught on very quickly.  Her vision is getting worse so we are glad there is a low area at the bottom for her to step over.  Our next step will be to add a piece of clear lightweight vinyl to the hole and hope that she will push it to walk out.
There she goes outside............

 We love our sweet dog.....Brandie.

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  1. How clever of you!
    I'm very touched as I can feel the love that you have for this dog :)


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